Introduction in shiatsu healing art at Folegandros

Our every day class in shiatsu healing art will start with 3 hours of simple movements, breathing and exercises inspired from yoga and contact improvisation to activate and feel the energy flow in our bodies and then we can concentrate on shiatsu basic principles. We enter into the philosophy and practice of shiatsu by:

  • finding a correct balanced posture for ourselves
  • using our center (hara in Japanese) instead of muscular force
  • projecting our energy through intention
  • “listening” to our partner through touch, with our entire body
  • exploring touch and connection
  • feeling the “empty” and “full” with energy (kyo and jitsu in Japanese) in our bodies
  • learning techniques for the harmonization of the energy in the body

There is no need for previous experience in shiatsu or similar techniques. This is only an introduction to shiatsu healing approach.

Shiatsu is an autonomous natural healthcare system which originated in Japan, and is influenced by Chinese and more recently Western knowledge. It derives its theoretical and practical roots from the ancient traditions of Far Eastern philosophies and healing and the holistic understanding of life and health based upon them.

 The aim of shiatsu is to stimulate and support the processes of natural self healing, well-being and personal growth and to maintain health through balancing the energetic system of a person. The method uses the application of pressure and of energetic and physical touch to the body's energy channels and points to balance the circulation of the body's energy (Ki or Chi). (read more: )









Elsa Tsiranidou is practicing shiatsu for the past 5 years and for the last 3 years she is assisting her shiatsu teacher Ane Grimseth, aiming to become a professional teacher herself. She is a member of the Hellenic Shiatsu Society. She is devoted in shiatsu and travels around Europe in a continuous trip for deeper knowledge of healing, which inevitably is self-healing. She is dancing contemporary dance and contact improvisation since 2010 in a non professional local dance group in Crete, where she lives. She is practicing aikido since 2007 and partly teaching it since 2011. She is also practicing Reiki healing art. Her first degree is chemical engineering with masters in artwork diagnosis and from 2003 to 2014 she was working in a research institute in Heraklion (FORTH-IESL) creating optical holograms and applying holography for the structural diagnosis of paintings.


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